Normal skin

Daily facial cleansing is important to remove dirt and bacteria from your skin, as well as sweat and excess oil. In addition, facial cleansing allows you to exfoliate the surface of your skin to facilitate circulation and prevent the appearance of time traces.

In general, a proper facial cleansing starts with clean hands. This prevents the transfer of bacteria to your face. Apply your cleansing cream on the forehead and then pass the cleanser on the face, lips and neck, massaging the skin with gentle circular movements, according to

However, because there are different skin types, not all creams, lotions or cleansing waters have the same effect, nor do they give you the same benefits. Therefore, for a proper facial cleansing, it is important that you know what kind of treatment you should give your skin type:


Normal skin

Always try to choose a soft liquid or gel soap for cleaning the face. Soaps made for bathing, body and hands, tend to dry regardless of the type of skin, plus it should be avoided on the face and neck. When you buy a cleaning cream, you prefer those containing avocado, coconut, or wheat germ. These natural ingredients are suitable for normal skin.


Mixed skin

Use a soap for the sparkling face in the morning to keep fatty areas at bay. The most indicated facial cleansing regime at night should be with a cream cleanser to soothe dry areas.


Sensitive skin

Make your facial cleansing with soft and milky lotions, soluble in water and warm water. Avoid gels or soaps that contain drying alcohol, preservatives or strong-acting acids. Some ingredients, such as strong exfoliants or astringents, can cause inflammation. It prefers those that contain milk, because it is a natural hydroxyl acid that helps the skin, exfoliates and removes dead cells from the surface, as well as being moisturizing and relaxing.


Dry Skin

The ideal is to stay away from the hot water when you do your facial cleansing, since this temperature opens the pores and extracts natural moisture quickly. When you select your cleaning cream, look for products that contain natural ingredients such as almonds, olive oil or jojoba oil, which will help to nourish it, repair it and keep it hydrated.

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