Non-pharmacological treatment pioneer against asthma

People who suffer from asthma have a somewhat more complicated life than the bulk of the world's population. On the one hand, its Respiratory capacity it is reduced considerably, its physical activity, in most cases, is severely limited; and on the other hand, they have to submit to intensive treatments and constant and extremely uncomfortable, practically for the rest of his days.

Until recently asthma had been controlled through different treatments that range from inhalers , dry powder , nebulizers , etc; as well as some drugs Y steroids . Fortunately, a group of British doctors, has experimented with an alternative treatment, which instead of using drug like steroids, plans to introduce a wire probe that heats the lining of the lungs with bursts of 10 seconds with radio waves at 65 degrees centigrade.

The one known as Bronchial thermoplasty It is described as the "melting" of the muscle that contracts in the respiratory tract during an asthma attack.

This procedure (the first non-pharmacological against asthma) is the product of six years of studies in the United Kingdom, Canada and South America and is not yet used in Europe. Still is its experimental phase, but it is expected that with this new method, the quality of life expectations of asthma patients will improve considerably.

Source: BBC World

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