New strategy to fight cancer

Currently, the diagnosis of cancer is done through a pattern recognition in the mass or counting of blood abnormal. There are no molecular tests, there is not a series of genetic sequences that decipher it. The only way to begin to fight against cancer is through a early detection.

The Dr. David Agus, explains in a TED conference, that according to statistics, when a patient discovers that they have advanced cancer there are not many viable solutions to which they can turn.

Cancer is not just a molecular defect , so the Dr. Agus suggests a new multidisciplinary approach to treat Cancer as a complex system, using atypical drugs, computer models Y protein analysis to try and analyze the Cancer in the whole body.

Next we present the video where the specialist explains in detail what his model consists of, with which he will try to make a difference and a new way of approaching the disease:

Video Medicine: David Agus: A new strategy in the war against cancer (February 2024).