Natural remedies vs mild depression

In many occasions a person can present episodes of mild depression , also called melancholia , for which a specialist can prescribe some treatment, therapy or medication to reduce the symptoms.

However, you can also fight or get rid of the symptoms by using remedies natural , instead of resorting to those medications and therapies as a treatment.

In this sense, the depression can be attributed as a symptom that the body is not receiving some of the nutrients necessary, which are administered through the feeding .

To know more about this condition, in an interview with GetQoralHealth , the psychologist María Isabel Barrera , explains its characteristics:


Natural remedies for depression

The hypericum : is known to be one of the main herbal remedies for the depression . It is said to be a antidepressant effective, since it is a natural remedy , its positive effects may not be apparent until 4 or 6 weeks after having started taking the grass .

In addition, the Hypericum can influence the effect of other medicines that we are taking, so it is advisable to consult with our doctor or the professional who is treating us before taking this grass .

Fish oil supplements with Omega3 : in some people, low levels of Omega-3 fatty acids can cause depression . The
good fats of these fatty acids help the transmission of the serotonin at brain which, in turn, can help overcome this condition. These supplements are one of the fastest remedies for depression that can be found.

The gingsen : its properties are recognized as an enhancer of the memory , but it is also one of the Natural medicine for the depression because it improves the blood circulation .

It can also lead to better performance cerebral and better regulation of theserotonin , known as the "happiness hormone".

Remember that the most important thing is to go with a specialist who will help you determine the causes of your condition, to recommend an appropriate treatment, which you can supplement with an adequate diet.

Video Medicine: Herbal Healing : Herbal Ways to Treat Depression (May 2021).