Natural remedies to attack pests

A wide range of pesticides and other products of pest control They are available in the market. However, only a few of them are really effective and most also have effects harmful about the environment and your body, especially when exposed to them.

If you like gardening, then this could be the best time to use that hobby and get rid of these pesky pests.

Natural methods of pest control

Most people could initially think of the pesticides as the only means of control The pests. However, herbs Y plants now they can be used as a natural means for this control.

Plants can be very effective for finish with the plagues. This may not sound feasible , but the biology It can explain everything. The pests they have enemies natural, so you have to take advantage of them to get rid of them completely.

The plants contain active ingredients that can alter the system of most pests. further eliminate faster to the annoying insects .

The herbs that fight pests

If you want get rid completely from pests, use some of the herbs that have proven to be effective :

In your struggle to keep your house free of insects, you need to know what kind of herbs are effective and also provide the following practical benefits:


  1. You can use plants that also have their properties against insects, be aromatic , culinary or medicinal .
  2. You will save money by not having to buy expensive pesticides that do not work.
  3. It will reduce the health risks which involves exposure to products hazardous chemicals contained in pesticides.


Mint is the most effective

When thinking about these herbs , the mint should occupy the top of your list. The different varieties of mint are efficient against different pests :


  • Mint : effectively controls lice, ants, flies and moths.
  • Poleo-mint : effective against fleas, mosquitoes, lice, flies, ticks and ants.
  • Green mint : effective against most of the pests listed above.

The mint has shown its effectiveness against these annoying pests, so it is recommended plant it in front of your house or at the door. In this way, you can to prevent that have access to your house. Because mint tends to grow out of control, it is best to plant it in a pot.

Another advantage over mint is that it is very adaptable and has a high tolerance to the sun and shade. However, you must keep it moisturized if you want to keep it healthy.


The basil It is a common herb used for purposes culinary . However, also effectively controls the pests, particularly that of flies . In fact, folk tales say that it is a tactic of Italian cuisine to maintain tomatoes and the basil together in the preparation of their recipes in order to drive away the flies.

You can plant it at your door and take advantage of its pleasant aroma to perfume the entire house.


If you are fighting a battle against mosquitoes , the orange Could end the problem. You can use your oil to impregnate your smell . To do this, simply mix a few drops of orange oil in its curtains, when the wind blows, the smell that is produced will be very unpleasant for the mosquitoes and will drive them away.

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