Nanotechnology vs bone cancer

A new treatment against bone cancer of the Center for Research and Advanced Studies (Cinvestav) Saltillo Unit , has achieved a 90% effectiveness against tumors and has eliminated cancer cells in 15 minutes.

In an interview with GetQoralHealth, Angelica Cruz, Eli Lily specialist , explains what bone cancer and its most important clinical features consist of in the following video:

Dora Alicia Cortés Hernández, researcher in the nanomaterials area of ​​Cinvestav , explains that this new treatment combines nanotechnology and magnetic hyperthermia, which has allowed to eliminate 90% of the tumor presented in patients with bone cancer.

This treatment is a chemical method in which, according to the specialist, they introduce the nanoparticles in the blood and guide them to the tumor area, or inject them directly into the affected area, and then subject the patient to a magnetic field. oscillatory that raises the temperature of the tissue.

As the temperature increases, the metabolic phenomena of these accelerate, require more oxygen and nutrients to survive. When not receiving them, happens what they call vascular occlusion, that is to say, they do not receive neither blood nor oxygen and, therefore, they die, according to the site

Unlike other treatments that are aggressive, where organs are removed, this would eliminate 90% of cancer cells, and the other 10%, can be treated with chemotherapy or radiotherapy, which will mean less harm to the patient with bone cancer.

Contrary to other studies carried out in countries such as Germany and Japan, this research causes the nanoparticles to be coated with biomimetic materials, so they are chemically bound to the tissue. The best thing is that it promotes the growth of the bone tissue when they are in contact with the body's physiological fluids.

So far, the experiments have been done in vitro, so if they continue with good results in mice, this technique could be ready in about three years to take in controlled trials with patients with bone cancer.

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