Myths about Parkinson

The Parkinson's disease It has been found in all races and continents. It is characterized by atremor, which is maximum during rest, retropulsion (that is, tendency to fall backward), rigidity , static posture , slowness of voluntary movements , Y facial expression in mask.

Around this disease have emerged some Myths for lack of information and especially for fear. Therefore, we present some of the most common:

1. It is an exclusive disease of older adults : The appearance of this disease is independent of sex and social, economic and geographical factors. But it is related to the age of the person , so it usually begins around 50 and 65 years, increasing the probability and the number of cases between 70 and 80 years, so the incidence increases with the age . However, those affected by Early onset Parkinson's disease (EPIT) , those whose age is less than 50 years, represent 20% of the total. There is even a juvenile form of the disease (under 25 years) that almost reaches 5% of those affected by this disease.

2. If you have Parkinson's you can not exercise : On the contrary, the exercise It can help people to improve their mobility. The realization of physical activity , in combination with the medication , can improve the quality of life of the person with this disease. These exercises will aim to strengthen the muscles , improve the Balance , improve the speaks and the swallowing , emotional well-being The exercises do not stop the progression of the disease, but it can positively influence a greater autonomy by these people.

3. Parkinson's tremor is the same as tremor due to age : They are different symptoms. The essential tremor It is quite common among the elderly, although it can start at any age. It is relatively easy to differentiate it from tremor typical of the disease. While the Parkinson's tremor generally affects one hand, the essential affects both hands equally and is often accompanied by trembling of the head and trembling voice .

A patient with parkinson You can, once you have accepted your condition, begin to recover your life despite the limitations. Therefore, in an interview, Salvador Lares count for GetQoralHealth how is your life from when the disease was diagnosed:

Many people with parkinson are able to independently perform activities of daily life. The symptoms associated with this disease worsen over time and can make it difficult to perform activities such as getting in and out of the bathtub, getting up from a chair or walking.

To ensure that people with this disease lead a life as independent and active as possible, it is important to use the appropriate medicines to control their symptoms, both in the speed with which they occur and in their intensity, depending on the phase you are in, as well as the acceptance and adaptation to the disease .  

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