Music therapy to relax your mind and remove anxiety

Anxiety is a psychological disorder that usually occurs after severe periods of stress.

Rachel Dove, author of the book Anxiety: the epidemic that is sweeping the generation, ensures that anxiety has become the great weakening of modern life that is catapulted by the hustle to which we are exposed, but also the presence of acts violent and natural phenomena.

Although there are pharmacological and psychological therapies, other alternatives are the techniques of meditation, exercise, massage ...

But the most used treatments to combat anxiety, music therapy is the queen, because it leads the individual to an optimal state of relaxation.

Music therapy to relax your mind and remove anxiety

An investigation carried out by the MindLab International laboratory in the United Kingdom, demonstrated the beneficial effects of listening to pleasant music and sounds. Of several genres and songs, the one that turned out to be most effective was a call Weightless, created by Marconi Union just to relax the listeners.

The results showed that this song was able to reduce 65% of the symptoms of anxiety in the study participants.

Weightless decreased heart rate and blood pressure, but also inhibited the release of stress hormones such as cortisol.

This song was so effective that Dr. David Lewis Hodgson, author of the study, recommended that a recommendation be included not to listen to it while driving because it causes drowsiness.

Do you want to hear it? Here it is!

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