Museography creates awareness about Alzheimer's

The museography Let's earn time creates awareness and discloses relevant data of patients, doctors, caregivers and those interested in the disease Alzheimer's , which affects more than 20 million people worldwide and 5% of adults over 60 in Mexico.

The sample, organized by Janssen Mexico together with institutions and associations focused on the subject, invites actions to improve the quality of life of the people affected by the condition.

In accordance with Eric Álvarez , general director of Janssen Mexico, the exhibition, held on the occasion of the celebration of the World Alzheimer's Day , seeks to inspire those involved to build new experiences and to gain ground to oblivion.

For his part, Dr. Carlos Castillejos, medical director of Janssen, explains that this event seeks to raise awareness of the social and health impact of the disease in patients and caregivers, in a different way in cooperation with different institutions and foundations.

Caregivers, doctors and the general public had the opportunity to express their thoughts on a white board, where positive messages were read to encourage patients and patients.

The Alzheimer's it is a condition that has a great impact on a physical and psychological level, both in patients and in caregivers; It is a degenerative illness which affects the memory, the thought and the conduct , as well as the affected person's ability to perform daily tasks.

Experts point out that there is no cure yet; however, there are treatments Y therapeutic options that delay the evolution and improve the quality of life of the patient and the caregiver.

The feeding also plays a very important role in the development of this, so it is recommended the weekly consumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids , which improve the functioning of the brain .

In the sample, the National Institute of Neurology and the National Institute of Geriatrics ; the Alzheimer Foundation "Someone to Tell" I.A.P ; Alzheimer Mexico I.A.P ; the Group of Experts in Dementia , the Mexican Association of Alzheimer's and Similar Diseases A.C. ., the Mayo Clinic and the HBO TV channel through its Alzheimer Project.


Why dedicate a day to the disease?

September 21 commemorates the World Alzheimer's Day , with the objective of disseminating information about it and requesting support from the population to improve the quality of life of patients and caregivers.

It is expected that by 2030, dementia will affect 65.7 million people. The global cost for the treatment of dementia in 2010 was 604 billion dollars.

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