Multiple sclerosis affects motor ability

The multiple sclerosis is a disease inflammatory and chronic-degenerative of autoimmune origin, which damages the central nervous system and affects motor capacity, that is, decreases sensitivity, alters sphincter control and loses movement in arms and legs, points out Dr. Rosalía Vázquez Alfaro .

In an interview for GetQoralHealth, also the medical advisor of the UCEM association , stresses that the causes of this multifactorial affection that mainly affects young women (between 20 and 40 years old) are still unknown; However, there are conditions that favor the development of multiple sclerosis , which are explained below:

The specialist points out that the symptoms of multiple sclerosis They are very variable and depend on damaged nerves, but among the most common are: weakness, awkwardness when performing movements, double vision, stiffness, lack of balance, dizziness Y numbness .

The neurologist says that it is not easy to diagnose multiple sclerosis, because the symptoms are very similar to other diseases , therefore, the most advisable thing is to visit a neurologist, who through some studies like the magnetic resonance will be able to detect it.

On the other hand, Rosalía Vázquez Alfaro believes that in order to reduce the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, it is recommended to ingest the appropriate medications, and perform physical therapies to rehabilitate the affected functions and allow the patients to carry out their daily activities.


Positive attitude towards multiple sclerosis

By complying with treatment, therapies and having the support of the family, patients with multiple sclerosis can restore the essential functions of their lives.

Verónica Martínez, patient and assistant of the UCEM association , explains how his experience with the disease since they were detected four years ago, which has been able to cope with a positive attitude:

Ensures that at the beginning it was very difficult to assimilate the condition, but with the help of the association United Fighting Multiple Sclerosis (UCEM), he learned to survive with multiple sclerosis, so now he can work and see everything in a positive way.

Veronica Martinez says that life does not stop with multiple sclerosis, because with the support of family and institutions you can have a quiet and normal life. And you, do you know someone who has multiple sclerosis?

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