Most common errors

The sexual prelude is a key aspect for the beginning of any sexual relationship, as well as a fundamental part so that both parties reach the ideal physical and emotional state to take the next step in the intimacy.

Sensuality, eroticism and sexual communication are essential ingredients for a pleasurable and satisfying experience. However, it is very common that due to certain details, lack of experience, nervousness or anxiety, men incur some practices during the sexual prelude that are not recommended, because they have an opposite effect on them.

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Most common errors

For Lía Soriano, sexologist and psychotherapist of the "Open Closet" , "The language of the prelude is sensual, colorful and aims at the seduction of the other". It is flexible and fluid, but certain things that may be undesirable should be avoided, as mentioned in the following video:

In addition, it is advisable to try to avoid:

1. Hasten to undress. Do not force things, try to undress the woman before she gives you a clear signal that this is what you want.

2. Half undressing. No woman likes to feel pressured or that you do not take the time to do everything carefully. In addition to not feeling very sensual pants to the knees, it will involve greater difficulty to perform well.

3. Take photos or video without consent. Do not think that all women love to see you record them, in fact, for many it is more distressing to know that you do it; therefore, if they ask you not to do it, leave it aside, otherwise she will only worry about it instead of enjoying the relationship.

4. Chupetons It is highly erotic to practice gentle and gentle sucking on the sides of the neck or legs and English, if you do it carefully, because if you feel Dracula you will leave an unpleasant and / or painful memory.

5. Do not ask obvious things. Sometimes, with the desire to know everything you like, you can fall into being boring and not very spontaneous. Learning to recognize their reactions and body language will guide you in a better way to know what excites you.

One of the biggest secrets to an excellent sexual prelude, according to several specialists, is to let yourself be carried away by the desire itself, but under the premise that everything you do is with the intention of focusing the pleasure on your partner, which will be seen " rewarded "in equal or greater intensity.

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