More than 7 thousand calories, Pacquiao diet

Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao consumes more than seven thousand calories a day, so that his body recovers from the energy expenditure of training and have the strength to participate in the call Fight of the Century against Floyd Mayweather .

Next Saturday, May 2, the two boxers will meet at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on the Las Vegas Strip , where they will fight for the welterweight title and for the supremacy of boxing.

To stay at the ideal weight of this category (less than 67 kilos), Manny Pacquiao must feed well and without excess. Therefore, the boxer eats between six and seven times a day, but what does he eat? Cheat it in the photo gallery.

According to a study of Institute of Sports Medicine of Cuba , people who practice boxing are subjected to great physical and neuro-emotional loads, so they require a personalized diet according to the needs of each boxer.

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