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Maternity and work, are they compatible? Actually, the expression 'going back to work' after having a child is false. Your job, as you knew it, as well as the corresponding routine, no longer exist because you must complement it with other activities.

Stephanie Schneider, author of the book "The secrets of happy mothers", Editorial Oniro, He adds that "there is no doubt that a working mother needs a lot of organizational talent".

Therefore, if you are about to reincorporate your work activities, it is time to follow these recommendations that can make your adaptation to this new stage faster than you expect:

  1. Ask for help. If you have the fortune of having people by your side, parents, brothers or friends, who can help you for some situations such as filling the supermarket list, do not hesitate to do so.

  2. Take care of the details. If you have decided to go to a day care center, consider not only the facilities and the staff, but also the schedules, activities and the time of transfer of your work to the children's center.
  3. Free space in your house . Leave aside all that you no longer need or use, in this way it will be easier to maintain order and cleanliness.

  4. Do not be afraid to make wrong decisions. This includes from the choice of clothing brand, type of toys and hygiene products. Keep a reflective attitude and when in doubt, find out.


More ideas!

The right thing to do is to make time more efficient and make the most of the resources you count on, without forgetting the word security.

Therefore, when you go to your office, bring extra shoes (tennis are perfect) to keep your heels when necessary and do not put at risk the integrity of your baby when walking, up and down stairs while you bring in your arms.

It is also useful to bring with you a telephone directory with all the numbers (cellular and landline) of the contacts you may need at any time such as daycare, support people, pediatrician, pharmacy, among others.

"Your children will notice if your work means something to you. Show them that it's worth defending something against all odds. Surely later you will take advantage of the example you have given them ", concludes Stephanie Schneider. "Prudence empowers your words." If you want to know more information write to

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