More fat and protein

According to researchers at King's College London, if you do not sleep well, the next day you can eat up to 385 extra calories.

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According to the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, those who restrict their sleep schedule to 4 or 5 hours daily, have less control of their metabolism and emotions during the day.

On the contrary, people who sleep 7 to 10 hours per night, consume less carbohydrates and more easily burned calories and fats in their body, with a balanced diet and exercise.


More fat and protein

Not only are carbohydrates, those who sleep fewer hours feel the need to eat more protein and fat to compensate for the lack of energy they feel.

The explanation is that the hormones responsible for controlling appetite, are disturbed by lack of sleep and then a desire for food is unleashed as a reward.

For this reason, if you do not sleep well, you gain weight and it is harder for you to get down even when you exercise. Better, program your sleep hours well and you will see the difference.


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