More clear? Not the water

For Dr. Beatriz Hugues Hernandorena, president of the Cuban Society of Clinic and Veterinary Surgery , the presence of animals of company contributes to the wellness of people for multiple reasons: "reduce the stress , they favor recreation , they alleviate depression, the anxiety and the loneliness.

In addition to having a socializing effect by promoting relationships , so the pets help the mental health and contribute to a greater longevity Y quality of life of human beings. "


More clear? Not the water

In the opinion of the veterinarian, the adoption of a pet offers many advantages, especially for those who do not have children live alone or are prone to depression , have feelings of frustration and inferiority , or live with anguish. A pet does not reject or censure; On the contrary, it offers affection and companionship.


5 animals that help us feel better

According to this specialist, the five best pets for adults are:

1. The dogs. The relationship with dogs helps people with physical problems and also with Emotional problems to a faster recovery. It has been shown that your company helps older people feel more useful and they are the ideal medicine to fight against depression, the anxiety and the loneliness. They are also ideal for working with children who have learning and behavioral problems.

2. The cats. Although they are animals that live at their own pace, stress, unhurried and with apparent indifference to their masters, it is shown that cats are fabulous for people who are or feel very lonely and can not spend much time take care of your pet. Caressing the cat's soft hair and listening to its quiet purring has a very beneficial effect on our health. Contact with felines helps reduce the stress and it is very advisable for people with psychological problems .

3. The birds. Another good option, especially for the elderly, are the parakeets or canaries. They only occupy the space of the cage (they must be very broad so that they do not suffer) whose cleaning and maintenance usually does not have many complications. If they are singing, they offer a cheerful atmosphere and relaxed and they can even be taught to enter and leave the cage, or do some other simple actions.

4. The fish . The fish are suitable for keeping as a pet if you live in a small space. It is only necessary to feed them and clean the aquarium, which must also be enough spacious; If you have a garden you can even install and maintain a fish pond. They are a good option as a pet for children, because they can take responsibility, in large part, of your attention and care.

5. Hamsters . According to specialists, in some cases, it is the first pets for many teenagers . They are a good pet because they are kind, small, and best of all, they are easy and cheap to maintain. With due care and attention, they can live up to five years .

One last piece of advice from Dr. Hugues Hernandorena: people who take care of pets must inform themselves about their needs and try to cover them, in addition to to show them love, be respectful with them and generate a good coexistence between animals and human beings, which implies mutual well-being.

Pets help your health and it's enough to go to a shelter to give the opportunity to a hairy being to serve you. antidepressant and to be loved.

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