More benefits of Tae Bo

If you want to burn calories in a fun way and eliminate stress in a simple way, Tae Bo will help you achieve it. This sports practice helps you shape your body while balancing your mind and body. Do you want to know more benefits of Tae Bo ?

According to the digital magazine Punto , the Tae Bo ends with a sedentary lifestyle by mixing aerobic exercises with movements of Tae Kwon Do and box to the rhythm of music.

The Tae Bo It is ideal for sedentary people who decide to start a physical activity because they work in short blocks. It consists of giving blows to the air with closed fists and kicks of martial arts, while you perform breathing exercises, which maintain good mental health, as shown below:


More benefits of Tae Bo

In addition to fat burning (between 500 and 800 calories per hour), the Tae Bo It helps you tone your muscles (biceps, triceps, shoulders, quadriceps, glutes and abdomen), reduce stress and control your breathing, which helps you oxygenate your brain and improve your concentration.

Among the benefits ofl Tae Bo they are the increase of flexibility, of body coordination, energy, helps you to correct your posture, improve your physical and mental reaction.

Begin practicing it three times a week and remember to perform warm-up and stretching exercises, before and after each session, to avoid injury. Cheer up!

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