Moderate your consumption!

There's nothing more refreshing than having a glass with orange juice or grapefruit in the mornings; however, its excess consumption not only generates weight gain, but increases the risk of suffering skin cancer.

According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology , the people who consume juices of these citrus fruits have a higher risk of cutaneous malignant melanoma.


Moderate your consumption!

The doctor Abrar Qureshi from the Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University and Rhode Island Hospital , ensures that people who eat grapefruit or oranges between two and four times a week, they have a 10% higher risk of developing skin cancer.


"The risk of melanoma grows when more citrus fruits are consumed. For example: when consuming these citrus fruits 1.5 times per day, the risk increases up to 36% ".

Grapefruit is the citrus fruit that is most related to skin cancer.

Why do they make you more vulnerable to cancer?

The specialists detail that both orange and grapefruit contain furocoumarins, photoactive compounds that make you more sensitive to the sun.


"Exposure to ultraviolet rays is more damaging to the cells of your skin."

However, specialists do not ask to stop consuming orange or grapefruit, you should simply moderate the intake and protect the skin from the sun with sun blockers, hats and protective clothing.

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