Mirror Mirror

It is difficult to imagine that a beauty queen had doubts about her harmony physical , but this has happened to some of them, as in the case of Kritzia Pérez , who in 2002 was Miss Honduras and said that during the contest miss Universe of that year he felt "ugly and insignificant. "

Another example of unlikely situations is what the beautiful Katy Perry has confessed, and it's about the strong insecurity that came to suffer when she was not makeup, with all the talent she has and her beautiful smile can anyone believe it?


Jan R. Hirschmann Y Carol H. Munter , authors of When women stop hating their bodies, they explain that it is common for women to torment with negative thoughts About us physical and that we must make a great effort to not only recognize them, we also eradicate them and thus heal our self-image.


Mirror Mirror

The specialists affirm that it is important to work on all those ideas and prejudices that move us away from love towards ourselves and on the contrary, they make autoagressions govern us.

Qualifiers such as 'I have a huge belly', 'limp arms' or 'wide hips', are negative thoughts that hurt us.


Would you dare to speak to someone with the same hardness that you treat yourself ?, You have not done anything to deserve such abusive treatment and, therefore, you must apologize, "the authors comment.

And they add that, after having apologized to ourselves, it is very important that we reflect on the beliefs that are hidden behind our negative ideas , and we ask ourselves, and this who says it? "Every time you think that you belly It is truly unpresentable, you are supporting a cultural belief that affirms the existence of the perfect belly. Naturally, we understand that you have grown up believing blindly that the only type of 'right' belly is the most smooth one. From this moment you will have to ask why. "

The naked pestle, one of the masterpieces of the Spanish painter Francisco Goya , it not only delights us with sensual silhouette She also shows us in her nudity a round belly and curvy legs that upon seeing the painting, no one can doubt the charm and security that that woman felt for her figure.

Who is the most beautiful?

Jan R. Hirschmann Y Carol H. Munter They motivate us to openly challenge all the bodily assumptions of each of the negative thoughts that we reproduce and can hurt us deeply and ask ourselves who says that:


  1. Should my body be like someone else's?
  2. Are my thighs thick or my size incorrect?
  3. Is my butt too big?
  4. Is my height inadequate?
  5. Are not voluptuous hips beautiful?

The internal voice who cares for you believes that every part of you body It is nice simply because it is part of you and discards any ideal

"The inner voice that takes care of you believes that every part of you body it's nice simply because it forms part of you Y discard any ideal , to consider it fallacious. If you still do not agree with this perspective it is time for you to take the first step ", explain the authors and add that, we must say goodbye to all those prejudices that disqualify us and if they ever return, we will know how to reject them.

And you you really like yourself ? If not, prevent negative thoughts from affecting your self esteem Y self-image . Remember that you always have something to highlight about your personality.