Michael Jackson could suffer a chemical castration

A new theory suggests that the acute voice of the king of pop, Michael Jackson , is the result of a chemical castration suffered in childhood, publishes the French newspaper Le Parisien.

Alain Branchereau , amateur of the opera and professor of vascular surgery at the University Hospital Timone, in France, developed the theory where he proposed that due to a acne treatment used by the musical star, it could originate a chemical castration.

The treatment is a antiandrogenic hormone call Cyproterone , which makes the voice not mature. The medicine stops the growth of body hair and the larynx, and affects the bones, leaving the body thin but with a broad chest.

The author mentions that Jackson's voice was exceptional, he could even cover three octaves, while great tenors have only managed to raise two octaves. María Callas It is one of the few sopranos that have been able to cover three.

Once he treatment is over, the patient fails to develop an adult larynx and has an infant's larynx, the specialist told the AFP news agency.

Branchereau publishes his theory (which is not confirmed) in the book "Michael Jackson, the secret of a voice" that will go on sale in the month of March.

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