Mexico in the Top 5 of diabetes

Worldwide, more than 371 million people are diagnosed with diabetes ; Western and Asian developed countries account for 200 million individuals with this disease, while in Latin America there are 64 million, of which 12 million live in Mexico.

However, the lack of attention and control of these patients is increasing. According to the Mexican Diabetes Federation (FMD) of every 4 patients with this disease only 1 is controlled. Hence the importance of the treatment for type 2 diabetes .

The reason? More than 90% of people with diabetes they have type 2 diabetes , that is, it is the result of unhealthy habits like sedentary lifestyle Y obesity .

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , Antonio González , internist doctor General Hospital of Mexico , says: "Having a treatment for type 2 diabetes that is effective and practical is of vital importance. For each person diagnosed withdiabetes , there is another one who is also sick and does not know it ".

According to doctor González, Mexico is close to being one of the countries with more people with diabetes around the world.

"The alert is latent. The first place is occupied by China, then the United States, Brazil, Russia and Mexico in fifth place; we must do something, because if this disease is not treated and we do not begin to change our habits of life, there will be no one who can "sustain" this. "

The figure is alarming, because endocrinologists (specialists who treat this disease), estimate that in 2030 there will be 552 million people with diabetes around the world.

As part of its approach against diabetes , the pharmaceutical Sanofi launches its product for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes: Lyxumia (Lixisenatide), a medication that in combination with basal insulin helps patients achieve better control of their glucose levels, which contributes to saving insulin doses.

In accordance with Fernando Lavalle , of the Diabetes Clinic of the University Hospital of Monterrey , Nuevo León, the mechanism of action of this new therapy contributes to slow down gastric emptying and intestinal glucose absorption:

"In addition, it has been shown that in some patients it helps to lose weight, which allows the person to improve their quality of life in a healthy and effective way".