Mexico in crisis due to shortage of nurses

In the country there are only 19 nurses for every 10 thousand inhabitants, while the World Health Organization (WHO), recommends a minimum of 84, said María del Pilar Servitje , holder of the Directive Council of the Delegation of the Federal District of Mexican Red Cross .

In a press conference, Servitje said that in Mexico there is no longer a vocation to study the nursing career and that some of the causes are: Because it is a profession with little social recognition, poorly paid and extremely debilitating:

"This differs a lot from what happens in foreign countries. In the United States there are 84 nurses for every 10 thousand inhabitants and in Canada 82 ".

However, the most critical situation is in the State of Mexico, where there is less than one nurse per thousand inhabitants, since this is the state with the largest number of inhabitants. About Gaby Vargas , writer and president of the board of the Marillac Foundation , revealed:

"The real situation is that in our country there is a lack of awareness and training to generate better nurses that are key to the well-being and quality of life of patients, but here they are not given the value they deserve, so they decide to leave, but this profession is essential to guarantee the health of people ".


The strategy

Against this background, laboratories AXA , they launched the campaign this year Mexico needs 4 times more nurses. The first was held in 2009 and seeks to support nursing teaching in Mexico.

How does it work? In the purchase or renewal of any of the products of these laboratories, AXA will donate during the first 4 months, a percentage of its sales to the Marillac Institute of Nursing .

On the other hand, Xavier de Bellefón , President of AXA Group , said that this campaign aims to raise 4 million pesos, which will benefit 20 new students, through the AXA Plus scholarship: "In addition, this year we also continue to collaborate with the remodeling of the laboratories of the Marillac Institute".

Currently in the Mexican Republic there are approximately 500 nursing schools, of which only 86 are at the undergraduate level, a situation that makes those students who enter "technical colleges" have fewer opportunities for job growth and consequently lower salaries.

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