Metabolic syndrome damages more than 18 million Mexicans

This condition arises as a result of the combination of genetic and environmental factors associated with lifestyle, such as ingesting excess foods rich in grease , have problems of overweight or obesity , be sedentary and / or suffer hypertension . If to this is added that a person has problems of insulin -which regulates several metabolic functions-, the risk of developing it increases.

But, what does it consist of and how does it identify itself? Here we present a video to know the background of this disease:

The initial treatment to treat this syndrome includes, among the main non-pharmacological recommendations, a diet appropriate and comply with a plan of exercise regulate, reach the ideal weight and leave the smoking All this to maintain a healthy state in people at risk of suffering type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, both with high mortality rates.

Through lifestyle modifications, physically activating and caring for the foods we consume, insulin sensitivity may be increased, glucose intolerance may be improved, and blood glucose levels may decrease. blood pressure and of cholesterol LDL, increase HDL cholesterol, and improve cardiovascular condition and function.

In this sense, data from the World Health Organization (WHO), reveal that on average 6.7 million people suffer from Metabolic syndrome , which if not detected in time, can trigger diseases such as diabetes , obesity and hypertension .

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