Mental preparation for exercise

The lack of objectives or clarity to exercise can considerably reduce your performance and results, which, in the end, can result in desertion, low motivation, injury and fatigue.

Having your goals clear, as well as the purpose for which you have decided to exercise, is power in itself. The mental preparation is the complement to an adequate program of training or physical preparation.

Therefore, according to, for a good mental preparation it is recommended:

1. Self confidence. It is very different to go out with a positive attitude and confidence in oneself that you can get some brand or goal, that will go well and to do your best, the results will be obvious.

2. Concentration There is a previous moment of preparation in which we have to activate and prepare for action, from that point the activation of each action will be directed so that we can start at the top of concentration and motivation.

3. Display. Before leaving to exercise, you must have a clear and concise image of what you want to do, how to execute it and visualize what the training will do for you, in this way you will have 100% motivation.

4. Relaxation The tensions are good to some extent, the truth is that before activating you must spend a few minutes to relax, in order to have a better concentration , focus and activation.

5. Motivation . Looking for stimuli to exercise makes a person or athlete feel pleasant training, which in turn allows you to focus and perform to the fullest.

Remember that the more detailed and clear the mental preparation, taking into account these elements, the better the results and the easier it will be to communicate these thoughts to our body, in order to begin to build a healthy habit to exercise.

Consider that after each training recovery is essential, both physical and mental, for which it is advisable to lie down for a few minutes, visualize each of your muscles relaxing, breathe deeply but rhythmically, as well as think about the way in which the mind and body have been strengthened.

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