Memory loss

39% of young people aged 18 to 33 live stressed, reveals a survey of the American Psychological Association (APA) . Despite his condition, consider that he stress  does not affect its Health physical, emotional or mental.


Alarm know that the experience of living with stress be similar in adolescents and adults, but more worrying is that young people underestimate the possible impact in its Health physical and mental, "says Norman B. Anderson , director and executive vice president of the APA ,

He adds that despite being proven that live stressed affects the Health , most do not take measures to manage their stress .

To break this cycle we present some effects "Little commented" that generates the stress .


Memory loss

Rajita Sinha , professor of psychiatry and neurobiology of the Yale University , United States, says that stress is associated with lost of memory , diseases related to cognitive abilities and even increases the risk of dementia .


This does not mean that an unpleasant event, such as a divorce or the loss of a loved one, leads to madness. The risk is because "entire branches of brain cells contract and eventually disappear", says the teacher .

Low stress it's complicated to concentrate in some activity and it is even frequent forget information that we want to remember.


Ringing in the ears

The stress is a contributing factor to suffer from ringing in the ears or the call tinnitus . People who suffer moments of great pressure this condition worsens.


With the stress it is produced muscle tension in the head, neck and back, which connect with the masticatory system and the ear . It also increases the pressure in this organ, which eventually causes tinnitus , informs Spanish Association of Tinnitus (AET) .



Philip Hagen , assistant professor of medicine in the Mayo Clinic , explains that the cortisol , hormone that is produced with stress is related to increase of weight .

This because increase the quantity and size of fat cells in the body. It is even more common to accumulate in the abdominal area.

Also cortisol causes the elevation of insulin , which triggers wishes by eat more, especially sweet foods.



In moments of stress the cravings by consuming too much food sugar Y grease . Everything indicates that the cortisol binds to the brain receptors that control the appetite , generating an attack emotional by eat .


Premature delivery

During the pregnancy , extreme stresses can cause the delivery to go ahead, as well as other complications, especially in weeks 1 and 12, as well as in weeks 13 and 24, says a study of the Anhui Medical University , China.

The risk is greater when stressful experiences are experienced when starting the pregnancy . Even, it also reaches it affects the developing cognitive fetus . Specialists recommend practicing prenatal yoga and reduction techniques stress .



The stress affects the ability reproductive . A study confirms that women who are stressed too much have high levels of alpha-amylase , a substance related to stress, which reduces the chances of getting pregnant by 12%

If you notice that you are under too much Pressure and some of these signs it is important that you consult with your doctor and identify the origin to take more calm.

Video Medicine: Exercise Your Brain To Prevent Memory Loss-Mayo Clinic (February 2023).