Memory kills cravings

The stronger the memory what do you have of a food specifically, it is more likely that you choose it at the time of eating, says a study of the University of Brasilea .

According to the researchers, many of the daily choices, such as where you go to dinner, are guided by the information obtained from your memories . However, the underlying neurological processes of such choices are not clear, so they decided to find out.


Memory kills cravings

To investigate them they presented a group of participants 48 appetizers on a computer screen, which they placed in a specific location within it. They asked them evaluate each bite according to your preference, from highest to lowest.

Next the participants underwent tests of functional magnetic resonance imaging , while they chose only two of the 48 appetizers. However, they only showed half of them the location of the bite , forcing them to remember it along with the position that it had.

The results indicate that the participants tended to choose the appetizers of those who best remembered their location. Moreover, the subjects chose the snacks that they could remember even better if they had previously evaluated them below in their preferences.

From the functional magnetic resonance scans, they confirmed that the mechanisms neuronal at the time of making decisions they had a significant increase in communication between the hippocampus and the ventromedial prefrontal cortex.

So, remember some foods more than others, like some nachos shared with your friends a movie afternoon, when deciding what you eat has more to do with your memory , with how attractive that option seems to you.

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