Meditate in the office and control your blood pressure

The work stress Chronic is a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases , so much that it can even cause high blood pressure and increase by up to 50% the probability of suffering a heart attack.

One way to prevent that risk of cardiovascular disease and to control or avoid high blood pressure, It is frequent practice some meditation and yoga exercises, because they are considered a useful tool in the management of stress .

According to a study of Geoffrey W. Melville and his team of specialists, published in the magazine Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine , performing meditation and yoga exercises for 15 minutes in the workplace allows reducing the heart rate and high blood pressure In addition, it reduces stress and helps modulate breathing.

According to the researchers explain, these effects could be mediated by the effects of breathing, and suggest that the continued practice of this type of activities could be useful in the management of stress in the workplace, resulting in benefits for the cardiovascular health .

It is worth mentioning that previous studies have shown the same effects of meditation on the blood pressure and cardiovascular disease . Such is the case of the study carried out by researchers of the American University , from the United States, has revealed that transcendental meditation can reduce blood pressure , anxiety and depression in students subject to school pressure.

About, David Haaga, lead author of the study and professor of psychology at American University , explains that a standard program of transcendental meditation for stress reduces blood pressure and improves the mental health of young adults who are at risk of high blood pressure.

Transcendental meditation provides these benefits because it is considered the art of training the mind by following a series of techniques such as relaxation, thought orientation or visualization, which result in many health benefits from its frequent practice.

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