Medicine administration

Chronic conditions in older adults force them to consume several drugs at the same time. It should be noted that most drugs have side effects, which despite being minimal, can affect the health of the person or interfere with each other, exaggerating or limiting the effects.

The University of Chile recommends that during this stage a follow-up of the drugs and doses be carried out, in order to avoid an overdose of medications and their possible effects.

In the elderly, the liver, kidney or digestive system work differently than in the young adult and therefore, the absorption, metabolism or elimination of a drug are different. Because of this, a common and current dose may be too much for them.

Tranquilizers, some antidepressants, antiallergics and antiparkinsonians, can cause concentration and memory failures; as a consequence, those over 65 are exposed to this risk, so that medications should not be used without a prescription medical and doses recommended by the specialist.

Video Medicine: Medication Administration (February 2024).