Measure your portions

One of our main concerns during the Christmas holidays is to gain weight. To prevent this from happening, we can make certain simple changes that will prevent us from gaining weight.

We present you the best tricks to not happen during the holidays :


Measure your portions

If you measure your food portions, you will not exceed calories.


Low fat consumption

You can opt for less-reduced dishes in fat; If there is not, then, consume it in small quantity.


Drinking water

Drink at least two liters of natural water a day to work as a depurative of fatty foods.



To burn calories you must practice cardiovascular exercise at least three times a week.


Do not overdo alcohol

You must measure yourself in your consumption of alcohol, most alcoholic beverages have a high sugar content.


Reduce salt

Salt regularly tends to inflame as it produces fluid retention. Nutrition experts recommend reducing their consumption to avoid it.


Determine meal times

During some events it is difficult to determine your meal schedule, but try to do so, for example, at breakfast. Also, avoid long lapses without eating food.


Control stress

Studies published by The National Institute of Health, reveal that stress produces cortisol, a hormone that causes weight gain. During these dates it may be difficult to control it but it is an excellent remedy for not gaining weight.


Do not repeat dishes

We know that it is difficult not to repeat our favorite dish but this increases the calorie consumption.

Follow these tips to not exceed this holiday season and enjoy them without remorse!


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