May appearances not fool you!

Are you an old soul? It is possible that not only this one is it, but also your heart. According to a study published in the American Council Science and Health of the United States , 3 of 4 adults have a heart greater than the chronological age they have; that is, it is more long-lived.


The research also shows that the cardiovascular age of men, on average, is eight years older than their real age, while women are 5 years. Situation that can raise the incidence of heart and cerebrovascular diseases. "


May appearances not fool you!

Can you know how old your heart is? Yes. To determine this, you must take into account your current age, body mass index, and risk factors: smoking, blood pressure, and diabetes. Although, you can also know how old your heart is with this calculator of the Framingham Heart Study.

However, what changes does an old heart have? Here we give you some with information of the National Library of Medicine of the United States.


  1. The natural pacemakers that control the heartbeat cause the heart rate to slow down.
  2. Your heart increases in size slightly, especially the left ventricle.
  3. There may be an abnormal rhythm (arrhythmia) that can be caused by some heart disease.
  4. The valves inside the heart, which control the direction of blood flow, thicken and become stiffer.

It is very difficult to compensate the damages that are caused to the heart, but they can be avoided. Try to maintain a constant physical activity, a balanced diet and avoid smoking. Your health is in your hands!


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