Yes, those that can not be expelled, through the belching or flatulence , are stored in the stomach and intestine and cause the dreaded swelling . All a nightmare! The good news is that there are certain tips with which the you will eliminate of cut.



Lie on your back and date circular massages at abdomen . In this way, you will facilitate the expulsion of gases and inflammation will decrease. Do it for 15 minutes.


Fetal position

As such, bend your back and head to the front, and flex your legs (so that they are stuck to the trunk). Stay like this for 10 minutes. The joke is that you inhale and exhale continuously to control your breathing.


Natural medicine

There are several of these that are effective in lowering the gases. One of them is the papaya and pineapple juice . Both fruits accelerate the intestinal transit, reduce swelling and improve digestion . All you have to do is split three pineapple slices, one slice of papaya and blend perfectly.

According to Mayo Clinic specialists, you can avoid them:

- Eat slowly

- Avoid chewing gum

- Do not drink soft drinks

- Reduce your stress levels

- Say "no" to fatty foods that produce gases such as beans, cabbage, dairy and whole grains.

Follow these tips and you will not struggle with the pain , because of the gases trapped in your stomach.



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