Mascoterapia improves human well-being

There is no doubt that the dog (and other pets) is the best friend of man. A couple of years ago, the Querétaro government highlighted the benefits that had been obtained thanks to domestic animals used in the rehabilitation of 100 inmates and juvenile offenders.

In such cases, the changes were observed in the behavior of inmates with mental problems . In the case of minors, pet-assisted therapy (CAAT) generated a sense of responsibility, which contributed to improving the fulfillment of their obligations and caused changes in their attitude.


Improve your quality of life with the mascoterapia

This therapy involves the participation of animals in therapeutic interventions, in order to improve the Health and the wellness human. It has been demonstrated that pets can be a valuable bridge of communication between the therapist and the patient because, in addition to providing companionship, they help to calm down their psychic deficiencies or physical

With a study of American Association of Hospitals for Animals (AAHA) it was shown that 92% of the participants had obtained health improvements derived from the relationship with their pets.

In addition, 76% of people considered that their stress had decreased, 65% said that their mental health had improved and 31% had strengthened their physical condition, thanks to exercise made with your pet.

The therapeutic effect of mascoterapia it is most noticeable among children and the elderly; however, this is very beneficial in individuals autistic , heart patients, people with cerebral palsy , patients with diseases terminals, with mental disorders, with behavioral disorders and in the victims of violations .

In accordance with Milly Ibarra Grijalva , expert in mascoterapia of the Queretaro Service Dogs Civil Association, the animals "that most interrelate with their owners are dogs and cats. Canines are very suitable for people with problems of socialization, elderly or for those who live alone. "


Benefits of dog-assisted therapies

According to studies conducted in the 70s, by the psychologist Boris Levinson, contact with a pet It has physical, psychological and social therapeutic benefits, such as the following:

  1. Pets are considered as a medicine preventive Their care and affection towards them promote our health.
  2. They are an antidote against depression , because they make the person feel useful and loved; In addition, the levels of stress reduced.
  3. Interaction with dogs helps the individual to be more tolerant and respectful towards animals, with himself and with other human beings.Dogs help improve mood.
  4. Petting a dog is effective in relieving the stress and lower the blood pressure
  5. Significantly reduces the risk of suffering diseases coronary
  6. They help people to be fit and healthy, because dogs need to walk and do exercise daily.

The sessions can be individual or group, and allow the patient to temporarily forget their situation to focus on the visit of the animal.

This activity helps people feel less lonely and less depressed, provides a positive change in their routines and as a result they begin to be more active and sensitive, before, during and after visits.

It is very common for people to talk with their pets, and share their thoughts and feelings with them.

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