Marriage does make you fat, but only when you experience this ...

Changes in habits and the happiness that you feel when you get married are some of the factors that help you gain weight; However, there are other factors that without thinking will earn you an extra kilos.

If your question is: Does marriage get fat? The answer is yes, but only if you fight constantly, you have a hostile environment and you are not happy. This was revealed by a study, which showed that bad moods translate into an increase of 6 kilos per year.

The universities of Ohio and Delaware p they published the study in the magazine Clinical Psychological Scienc and. The dynamics to check the weight gain in the marriage It was the following:

The researchers analyzed the behavior of 43 healthy couples, between the ages of 24 to 61 years old and married for at least 3 years.

They were asked to express their marital satisfaction, their mood disorders in the past and any symptoms of depression that they experienced.

They were then given a breakfast of 930 calories, and two hours later they were asked to discuss or try to solve a problem for the couple.

The couple discussions were recorded, and every 20 minutes in a 7-hour period they measured the number of calories that burned the marriages.

Also, the specialists took blood tests before and after the experiment to measure their triglycerides, insulin and glucose.


The results

After discussing, people at risk for depression burned 118 calories less than the average. They also had higher insulin levels.

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