Mango smoothie recipe

The smoothies They are delicious drinks and ideal to enjoy in the morning or afternoon. You can combine them with fruits or vegetables that will bring you energies to perform during the day.


According to the Association of the Fruit and Vegetable Juice and Nectar Industry of the European Union , these drinks have properties beneficial to counteract cardiovascular diseases or neurodegenerative , as well as in some types of Cancer .

Research confirms that the smoothies prepared with pieces of fruits natural and vegetable nutrients provide nutritional properties because they containpolyphenols , compounds with antioxidants beneficial to prevent heart disease , oxidative stress and problems metabolic .


Mango smoothie recipe

Therefore, today we share the video of the program Life and Home of ChainTres where you will learn how to prepare a delicious smoothie of mango.

This is a healthy drink, since the mango It is effective to prevent colon cancer because of its high content ofpolyphenols or antioxidants , confirms a study of University of Texas .


The handle has more than 20 vitamins Y minerals , among which vitamins A and C stand out. Because of its rich content of fiber diet is highly recommended to treat the constipation chronic.

Enjoy this delicious drink in the breakfast , as dessert or in the snack .