Makeup for a job interview

As part of an individual's professional development, the job interview it plays a primordial role, since that is where the first impression originates and therefore it is decided whether it will be accepted or not.

In the case of women, have a good makeup for the job interview , it can be the difference between success or failure, since this point of the personal arrangement gives the woman confidence and self-confidence. Thus, GetQoralHealth Tells you how to get the ideal makeup.

1. Shadows Use neutral colors, these will allow you to look elegant and presentable; besides giving light to your look.

2. Tabs These, not only highlight your eyes, they will help you to look more awake and active. Place on them two layers of mascara for eyelashes, this will suffice.

3. Eyeliner. Many women are fans of black eyeliner; However, this can steal attention to the visual contact you should have with the person who is going to interview you and is strong for the day. If you want to delineate your eye, you can lean towards colors like coffee or blue.

4. Makeup. The base that you use must be very soft and preferably liquid, since it will give you a more natural look and you will not have the stiff effect that you so dislike.

5. Eyebrows. Try to give them a natural and aesthetic way. Make sure you keep the arch believable and use special eyebrow shadows if necessary.

6. Imperfections . If you have imperfections and dark circles use only a little concealer, take into account that each of these products will be applied in small quantities.

7. Lips Red is a color that is fashionable; however, you should try to avoid it. Try using pink tones or just brightness.

In addition to your appearance, the most important thing in a job interview It's the confidence you project. Do not lie, be yourself and believe in the knowledge you have.

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