Make them part of your life!

"You look younger," is the phrase that most women would like to hear. But you do not have to be discouraged because it can be a reality if you follow some advice to look younger.

Beauty and youth goes beyond being something visual, because it is something that can be built with lifestyle, attitude and, above all, daily decisions.


Make them part of your life!

If you want to improve your appearance to look younger, just follow these tips that will help you feel and look more beautiful inside and out.


1. Sleep early

Do it as a tool for and not against. Make sure your bed is comfortable enough so that the eight hours you spend in it are worth it.


2. Take a lot of water

If you drink 2 liters of water a day you will eliminate toxins, activate your metabolism and keep your skin hydrated, so you will delay the appearance of wrinkles.


3. Eat healthy

"You are what you eat". There are foods that give you more energy and contain antioxidants that allow you to see yourself and feel healthier.


4. Exercise

It produces hormones such as endorphins and serotonin that reduce stress. Eliminate fat and tone muscles that has a positive impact on your physical image.


5. Meditate

It has been proven that this practice not only improves your intellectual consciousness, it also improves memory, modifies parts of the brain and strengthens the immune system.

Relieves stress, reduces blood pressure and improves emotional intelligence. You only need five minutes for you to breathe consciously.


6. Sing

You improve your lung capacity and control your breathing to relax.


7. Perform small rituals

There are activities that before sleeping or eating help you enjoy all your experiences.

Apply some type of relaxing oil or mask, listen to music before bed, drink a cup of tea. The important thing is that you are with you for 5 minutes so that you resume learning, experiences and emotions.


8. Thanks

It is proven that people who value gratitude achieve a higher state of subjective well-being; they feel happier and satisfied with their social, material relationships and their life.

These types of people manage to find their mission of life and balance in a simpler way and are constantly searching for personal development. To live gratitude!

Another tip to look younger is to maintain a physical and emotional balance, this will make you feel good about yourself and project it to others.

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