Make aromatic bags!

How to aromatize the house? Around us there is an infinity of aromas that may or may not taste; however, in our hands is the facility to make our home something more pleasant for us and the visitors.

The world of aromas is a chemical reality. Our sense of smell can distinguish up to 10 thousand different scents, thanks to the organ that helps us survive: the nose.

This is because the odors directly inform the limbic system, one of the most ancestral regions of the brain, which is responsible for the generation of emotions and the secretion of hormones.


Make aromatic bags!

One of the most pleasant ways to benefit from the properties of the aromas, is the preparation at home of linen or cotton bags to store aromatic plants and take advantage of their health benefits.

These cushions can be companions of dreams for both children and adults, can serve to treat mild disorders, chronic discomfort or to aromatize underwear, bathrooms or rooms. You just have to shake them from time to time to recover their aroma and healing power.

1. Dill for restless children. The infusion of these seeds is used as a remedy to sleep the little ones. For the aromatic sachet, the seeds should be crushed a little and mixed with flowers of lavender, orange and chamomile.

2. Soothing chamomile. This small flower is used in colds, stomach pain and insomnia. In this case, the small cushion is filled only with chamomile flowers. Even to reduce inflammation, heat the cushion between two bags of hot water and put it on the affected area.

3. To sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep, there is nothing better than preparing a bag with hops, marjoram, melissa leaves, sweet potato, cuajaleche, lavender flowers and rose. In addition, it is recommended to use a blue or light purple pillow case, because in Tibetan medicine it is considered that the light violet tone helps to make the dream deeper.

4. To eliminate confusion. The citrus smells bring clarity to the soul, say the experts. A cushion filled with melissa, verbena and lemon thyme leaves, together with dried and crushed bitter orange or lemon and meliloto, can become a balm for the spirit.

5. Against the headache. The peppermint-filled cushion helps fight occasional headaches or the pressure that appears with time changes.

6. Aphrodisiac. The fabric of the pouch should be dark pink, to fill it with roses, cardamom leaves, small pieces of crushed cinnamon, pieces of dried ginger and slightly crushed peppercorns. It is best to get him out of bed before falling asleep.

With these aromas you will enjoy your house to the maximum and you will have a better quality of life. If you are allergic to any of these plants, consult your doctor before using them. Be happy in your home!

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