Majority of A

Many women when they were girls aspired to be the beautiful protagonist of the story that their parents read them at night, but as they grew up, for some strange and incomprehensible reason they went from being the always beautiful and brave Buffy the vampire hunt or the villain of the story .

The irony is that some of these damsels think that people perceive them as sweet, delicate and kind heroines of real life, when the truth is different - it's like when you cover one eye and then the other: nothing to see- You, are you the princess or the villain of the story?

1. A group of kids come to visit the company where you work, and how the Vienna Boys Choir are all at your office door, so as soon as you see them:

to) As a military instructor, you check hairstyles, nail and give questions about how their grades go in school, what they think of the company and to top it off, seeing that silence reigns, you say: did the mouse eat your tongue?

b) You send a 'good morning' to the distance, accompanied by a slight smile.

c) Embodying Rosita Fresita herself, you leave the greetings, you distribute kisses, sweet and you wish them a wonderful day.

2. In every workplace, there is no shortage of those who like to ride in the role of Miss Simpatia and greet each of their colleagues place by place, comment on something and say goodbye to a celebrity, how do you react to the encounter?

to) Although you want in the deepest part of your little heart that it will never approach you, you greet it with a poker face expression and do not give an opportunity to talk.

b) You exchange a couple of words and you're done.

c) You always dedicate a few minutes and talk about so many different topics throughout the week with this person, who already knows your life and work.

3. How often do you get angry?

to) You do not get angry, they make you angry!

b) Occasionally.

c) Hardly ever.

4. And if you get angry, do fireworks go out? How do people react?

to) Most of them look scared -ternuritas-.

b) They avoid you for a while, but it does not happen to adults.

c) Few people have really seen you angry and try to take your time to return to relax.

5. As a famous and relentless judge of a reality show, do you continually rate people and nobody fills your eye?

to) That's the story of your life, although you're tired of telling everyone the improvements they should make from feeding to hair cutting.

b) You do not do it every 5 minutes, but every now and then why deny it.

c) You definitely avoid qualifying people for their appearance.


Majority of A

What happens? If I had known you, Meryl Streep, you would have been her inspiration for her character Miranda Priestly in the movie El Diablo de Prada, it is urgent that you reflect on the ways in which you treat people because I am sure that you live under the rule: It depends on the toad, the stone, does it reign?

So there is not much science in the following advice, try as you would like them to treat you, and maybe after some time your treatment will be sweetened a bit, which can have a favorable impact on your relationships.


Most B

You live between blue and good night, neither cold nor hot, neither from one side or the other. My daughter, this does not indicate that you are wrong or that it is necessary to make a change of attitude, at all, my recommendation is simply that you are not going to fall into the already overpopulated site of social pretense and to avoid some problem, smile, send hugs and even 'kissing the children', when in reality you do not care or want, so always watch your authenticity is never in danger and if you ever have the unbridled desire to be Winnie Pooh, discard.


Majority of C

Undoubtedly, your thing is to be, like some singer of the 90s, the queen of children, you are friendly and easy in your deal, so surely your fan club increases minute by minute because who knows you, expands and without Modesty comments on his most intimate or uncomfortable life situations and confessions.

The neighbors of your office would not know what to do simply without you. My advice is to take care of your heart, in addition to making sure on the one hand not to be so sweet and on the other, that the people who receive your time and love, really deserve it and, if possible, correspond to you.

"Prudence empowers your words"

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