Major death conditions in the elderly

The main causes of death of the elderly include heart disease, malignant tumors and diabetes mellitus. The sum of these three causes adds up to approximately 50% of the mortality of the group and in the other remaining part are the diseases cerebrovascular sufferings obstructive of breathing, influenza, pneumonia and bronchitis, liver problems, renal failure, accidents and other causes in smaller proportion.

In men aged 65 years or older, diseases have remained in the first place health problems that lead to mortality.

In the third age, over the years, individuals increase the risk of suffering from a chronic and incapacitating disease that unchecked causes serious damage leading to their death.

The analysis of the statistical data defines that approximately 3 out of every four deaths in those over 75 years of age are due to illnesses and not infections.

Source: Fundación Bienestar de Adulto Mayor I.A.P., "Physical Health Manual for the Elderly", 2002, Mexico.

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