Magnetic therapy as an alternative

Within the so-called alternative therapies we can find the magnetotherapy . This is a discipline that is responsible for the care of diseases or injuries through the application of electromagnetic fields.

Some of the characteristics of this discipline are:

1. It acts passively without causing pain or side effects.

2. It is self-applicable externally in any part or organ of the affected body. (their fields penetrate touching any organ from outside)

3. Regulates and stabilizes pH levels. (very important for health) eliminates the excesses of bias polarity in the body generated by the influence of electromagnetic emissions from household appliances (regulators, TV, wired, microwave ovens, cell phones, which emit only pole (+) altering normal pH and energy levels, which can bring and maintain diseases especially the infectious.When the pH levels are stabilized, it facilitates the performance of the body's natural antibodies (lymphocytes) helping the main disease is controlled In its whole.

4. Help eliminate (cleanse) cholesterol and / or triglycerides in arteries and veins. - It increases blood flow and improves the ability to transport oxygen to cells, facilitating the recovery of health. (greater irrigation brings life and nutrients, too). O2 inhibits (oxidizes) dozens of infectious agents: bacteria (eg elicobacter pylori), fungi, parasites, viruses.

The benefits linked to magnetotherapy are:

• Increases oxygen in cells.

• Eliminates fluids and gases.

• Reduces fluid retention.

• Stimulates and restores deep sleep.

• Fight the infection.

• Helps biological healing.

• Reduces inflammation.

• Normalizes the acid / base (PH) balance.

• Mitigate and remove the pain.

• It can reduce and remove symptoms.

• Promotes mental acuity and reasoning.

• Promotes the tranquility effect.

• Reduce and dissolve Calcium and fat deposits in bones and joints.

• Tends to normalize blood pressure.

Hundreds of sufferings are intimately related to the characteristics detailed above.

In fact there are those who claim that magnetotherapy diagnoses and heals in a less aggressive and safe way, some diseases such as hypertension, depression, asthma, cardiac arrhythmia, ulcer, gastritis, colitis, rheumatism, sciatica, abscesses. The truth is that it is a good alternative in medicine.

Video Medicine: Natural Remedies & Cleanses : Benefits of Magnetic Therapy (March 2021).