Macronutrients in AIDS

While it is true that there is no food that can cure or prevent AIDS, carrying a balanced nutrition is essential to preserve the immune system of people, maintain their healthy levels of physical activity and achieve a better quality of life.

To obtain the desired results, patients with HIV AIDS are required to have a diet rich in macronutrients, which are responsible for supplying most of the body's metabolic energy. The main ones are: carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Importance of macronutrients

1.- According to the WHO, adults and children infected with HIV have higher energy needs than healthy children and adults. In this sense, energy needs increase by 10% in asymptomatic patients who are infected with HIV.

2.- While in adults, in an advanced stage of the disease, it increases from 20 to 30%.

3.- Loss of appetite and poor diet are important causes of weight loss associated with HIV infection.

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