Lycopene vs. erectile dysfunction

A study conducted by the Madrid Urological Institute reveals that the vasodilatory effect of lycopene , associate with olive oil extra, helps maintain the erection in cases of mild-moderate erectile dysfunction, which opens another door for the treatment of this sexual dysfunction.

The study, conducted among forty men older than 50 years, who were administered daily, for three months, 20cc. of olive oil extra mixed with 8 mg. of lycopene (Aceiterol), determined that 50% of patients who had mild erectile dysfunction could maintain their erection.

Juan Carlos Ruiz de la Roja, urologist and director of the Institute , explains that "lycopene has a vasodilator effect due to the release of nitric oxide, which favors a better blood circulation at all levels, including in the penis and improves to maintain the erection ", According to

In this case, so that it has an effect against erectile dysfunction and so that the lycopene is absorbed by the organism correctly, must be mixed in an oily medium, therefore, in the association of lycopene Y olive oil extra, the bioavailability of said antioxidant is higher, according to specialists.

It should be remembered that the lycopene It is a vegetable pigment soluble in fat that plants develop to protect themselves from the effects of light and from the oxidation of the air, which can only be obtained through diet or through dietary supplements.

It can be considered as the predominant carotenoid in the composition of tissues, especially the prostate, a fact that explains the strong preventive action in the appearance of prostate cancer , according to various studies.

For the above, to include lycopene in the diet to improve and maintain an erection, foods such as tomato and its derivatives (sauces, fried and crushed tomatoes, juices, catsup), watermelon, papaya, apricot, carrot, grapefruit, red fruits and guava are recommended; however, it is essential to consult a specialist beforehand.

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