Lung cancer detectable by dogs

According to a study published in the journal European Respiratory Journal, guide dogs in addition to detecting illicit products and drugs can identify the lung cancer , thanks to your smell .

This has caused a group of canines to be trained primarily to locate this condition and treat it in time; Have been found tumors in 71% of the patients analyzed.  The disease is identified because it emits volatile chemicals.

The following video shows an example of how dogs detect gases. People exhale in a special tube, in order that the canines find the person suffering from lung cancer.

This condition is frequent among men from more than 35 countries. It is produced by the abnormal growth of cells at lung tissue r.

Importance of the lungs

They are a couple of organs respiratory diseases that occupy much of the chest . Its function is to give oxygen to the body and expel carbon dioxide (production waste by the cells).

It can develop different diseases that affect the ducts, the blood vessels or the tissue structure, such as asthma , bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchopneumonia, tuberculosis and cancer.

This last pathology is caused by the smoking , the feeding , the Heritage genetics and the inhalation of gases.

What are guide dogs?

The animals are trained from 12 months of age, with the aim of helping people with disabilities (blind, with physical and hearing problems).

Would you like hospitals to apply this technique?

Video Medicine: Dogs Can Smell Cancer | Secret Life of Dogs | BBC (December 2022).