Low sodium by exercise

When we make exercises or a physical activity moderate, the intake of Water It is vital to maintain proper functioning of the body. Dehydrate It has very negative consequences, but the excess can also be very harmful because it alters the levels of sodium in the body.

It is known as hyponatremia to the disorder caused by very low concentrations of sodium in the blood, due to excessive intake of Water without contributing electrolytes , according to fitness.es.

Sodium is essential for various functions of the body, both at the muscular and neurological levels, so a drastic decrease can cause confusion, disorientation and even convulsions and coma, according to vitonica.com

The kidneys are capped, and if we continue to ingest Water There will come a time when they will not give enough with all the amount that comes to them. At this time, liquids pass into the blood and tissues, diluting the blood, which can be very dangerous.

Once this happens and if we continue to consume more liquids, the next step of the hyponatremia is that the excess of liquid ends up accumulating in the tissues that tend to swell. This process can occur in everyone, including the brain, affecting some functions such as breathing.

This disorder usually occurs in runners, cyclists and other athletes who make efforts during hours, during which time only hydrous with water, replenishing liquid but losing continuously you go out .

A lack of electrolytes will cause a tendency to cramps and deficiency in muscle contraction, hence in the athlete it is necessary to monitor sodium levels regularly.

For this, before and after performing physical activity It is recommended to combine the replacement of liquids with electrolytes and other nutrients, moderate the consumption of Water , and ingest other liquids (juices, isotonic drinks) or food (fruit, cereals), so that the body does not suffer this type of affections.

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