Loving relationship, is the reflection of the parents

A study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family points out that the success of a good love relationship is reflection of the relationship with your parents , since if the parents were loving with their children during their childhood and adolescence, it is achieved that the children, already in their maturity, look for a type of love relationship same as they received.

The academics, interested in understanding how the experiences that are lived within the family are determinants for the type of love relationship to be searched, they found that the higher the quality of the relationship between parents and adolescents, they experience fewer symptoms of depression , higher self esteem , good mental health and therefore a higher quality in their love relationships.

The divorce, as well as the physical and verbal aggressions are key events within the marriage of the parents that affect the love relationships of the children.

When parents are together and support their children during the complicated trance of adolescence, they increase their capacity to resolve conflicts in their love relationship in the adult stage and symptoms decrease depressive and the conflicts they diminish.

This study is pertinent and timely to strengthen those positions that favor a greater understanding of the factors that contribute to success in the early stages oflove relationships.