Love yourself without limits!

- "I was pretty when young."

- "No, you are pretty now, you are kind, nice and help people. You have to improve your self-esteem".

With this dialogue between a friend of mine and her client, the question arose: What is the beauty ? What truly defines beauty? The external appearance, the age, or the qualities that one expresses?

The Christian metaphysical writer Mary Baker Eddy He had a very deep understanding of the true meaning of life and health at age 45, at a time when the life expectancy of women was 42.

If you look at your photos at 32, 60 and 80, you can see how she became more beautiful and healthy as the years went by. For that reason, she speaks it with propriety when she says: "Each year that passes develops wisdom, beauty and holiness"

Love yourself without limits!

That idea of ​​expressing more beauty each year, seemed perfect to my friend that I mentioned at the beginning, the one she told me about the conversation she had with her client. But I also resolved to tell him about the video I had seen of a studio that Dove had developed.

This video shows some women who agreed to participate in a research group for a revolutionary product developed by Dove: a "beauty adhesive".

The women had to use that adhesive for two weeks, record the reaction they felt daily, and then go back to Dove's office and report the effect.

The first day they did not feel many changes, but every day they improved. When they arrived at the office after two weeks, all told that the product was excellent, that they had really felt a change and were evidently prettier, more self-confident, more cheerful, etc.

They wanted to know more about the product, the ingredients and they were sure to buy it, but they were positively surprised and excited, when they knew that the product did not have any medicine, it was only a "placebo".

The effect they had experienced in those two weeks was the result only of changing their thinking, not the revolutionary product. The body did not change, but their thoughts and beliefs, so they began to take better care of themselves and managed to feel self-confidence and joy, in addition to seeing the beauty they already had in themselves and did not know. The video ends with the phrase: "Beauty is a state of mind".

I wonder how many men, women, adolescents and children would be much happier if they stopped comparing themselves with others and began to seek their own beauty and individuality, striving to develop the good qualities they have.

With that awareness, with the effort of always having thoughts of love, harmony and purity, without criticizing oneself or others, various mental, emotional and physical health problems are solved.

Something you can do for yourself is to look for the qualities you want to express in your daily life, in addition to being happy with yourself and with others, by observing only the good and the beautiful in each one, individually, without comparisons.


A phrase that inspires me a lot says: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." And when you think that the Christ is the manifestation of that Divine Mind in you, you take the weight of believing that you have to do everything alone.

You can do everything, for the Christ who is in you. You can even express more beauty: spiritual beauty. why do not you try it?

Video Medicine: Nick Vujicic - Love Without Limits - Bully Talk | Life Without Limbs (May 2021).