Love from afar?

It is well known the phrase "love from afar , is to think ", and everyone says that there are few opportunities that have a love at the distance of surviving. But is it possible that it actually works?

Maybe you can come to mind a person you met on vacation or during a trip, but not only does this happen love from far. With the current pace of life, occupations and needs, now the dynamics in couples and moments to be together are shorter and scarcer.

Therefore, in GetQoralHealth we present you with some tips so that that relationship that you wish to initiate or continue, can be successful, according to the portal psicologí

1. Sincerity It is fundamental that they are very clear about the feelings and intentions about that relationship that they wish to initiate or maintain, so that from the beginning they establish what they can or can not expect from it.

2. Communication. While now you can be in contact via Internet and to be seen by webcam, it is a good idea not only to tell what happens to them during the day, but also their future plans, as well as those things that they are passionate about, in order to have projects together and more interests in common.

3. Imagination . Despite the distance or not match their times, a good alternative is to surprise the other person with very simple but effective details, such as photos, letters or mail, songs, etc. They should not allow monotony, because it will break the relationship faster.

4. Trust It is essential to have confidence in the other person, but also this must be strengthened and taken care of "day by day". Share your new experiences, tell about the new people you know, with the intention of involving your partner in your daily life. Reinforcing communication is ideal.

5. Enjoy it. If there are few or brief moments spent together, do not waste them discussing or misunderstanding, it is best to give a few moments to that and then follow something new. Do not fill your mind with rumors, gossip, interpretations or false expectations. Remember: everything very clear and to enjoy every moment together.

While it is true that the Internet allows to make this situation more bearable, it is important to always look for new and better alternatives to shorten the distance of a love from far. And the main thing, escape as much as you can to be together. Good luck!

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