Lose weight with vitamin D

Many people with overweight they get fat without eating much. They make admirable attempts for slim down , but without success.
The cause could be in their own fat cells , which require sufficient calcium Y vitamin D to work properly.

It was recently discovered that 75% of the population may have a deficiency of vitamin D , therefore, is a very common cause of overweight . In its effort to prevent skin cancer , some avoid the main source of vitamin D, the sun.

Acting together with the vitamin D , the calcium stimulates the use of grease as a source of Energy . In people with deficiency vitamin D , changes the way of processing nutrients. Instead of being used as fuel, a enzyme that stores the food in the fat cells . Carrying gain weight , mainly in the abdomen fat .

The dairy products They are not all the same. Some have better proteins , less fat and less sugar. The following is a dairy table according to its importance to accelerate the metabolism and produce satiety .

Sources of calcium

The calcium in food is essential for slim down , because it can not be replaced by the calcium that comes from the pills , which is why low-fat dairy products are important for lose weight .

Sources of Vitamin D

Few foods naturally contain significant amounts of vitamin D and that's why milk has been fortified with 400 IU of vitamin D In all countries.

Even so, it is recommended to take at least 1,000 IU per day of vitamin D to avoid the deficiency of vitamin D . Especially in people who do not get too exposed to the sun, who use sunscreens, who live in polluted cities or with prolonged winters.

Generally others dairy products , like cheeses, butter and yogurt, are not fortified with vitamin D. Neither soy milk nor almond milk have the same vitamin D , calcium and proteins that help you lose weight when drinking skim milk.

Digestion of dairy products

Most of us lose the capacity to digest them and from the 25th and 30th years the symptoms of inflammation in the stomach , gas, acidity and pain.

The symptoms do not start immediately after eating, but after the next meal. That is why it is difficult to recognize the cause.

Also, without suspecting it, many of the foods, which we consume daily, contain milk such as bread, cookies, chocolate and even some medications.

Lactose intolerance is not a dangerous problem and, once detected, has an easy solution. Not all dairy products have a lot of lactose, so it's better to replace foods with more lactose with those that contain less.

Some dairy products are:

1. Skim milk
2. Whole milk
3. Butter.
4. Yogurt.
5. Cheese
6. Delayed milk.

The Lactase enzyme It is responsible for digesting food with milk, but almost all people over 30 stop producing it in the stomach. When the lactase , the symptoms of inflamed stomach slowly appear. For more information, click Here .

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