Lose weight with tangerine

Do you like mandarins? Well we have good news: eating them makes you lose weight.

The tangerine, is a citric very beneficial for the organism because it can help in a diet to lose weight .

Its segments filled with juice provide a lot of vitamin C, and various essential oils for burn calories .

According to the experts of Mayo Clinic , the tangerine has a very low concentration of sugars, but its water content is higher than in the rest of the citrus , and has a caloric contribution of 49%, somewhat less than that of the orange, which is 61%; Therefore, it is more feasible for your body to absorb its properties in a better way, compared with the second.

From its benefits we can find great contributions, because it is a detoxifying , diuretic Y antioxidant natural

If you consume four daily pieces of tangerines, you can cover the daily needs of vitamin C, which is especially important for pregnant women, smokers, infants and diabetics. Also, how is it antioxidant , can prevent degenerative diseases.

In addition, its pulp contains vitamin B, citric acid, reducing sugar and carotene , which confer bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps the digestion , so it is suitable for the treatment of ulcers and stomach infections.

Tangerine is usually consumed in many ways, as dessert or snack, in salads, fruit cocktails, as sweets, in ice cream or sorbets, and in juices or water.

One of the best known ways to take advantage of all its properties dietetics and diuretics is to take it as an infusion, which is prepared with 5 grams. of peel in a cup of boiling water, cover, let it rest. One cup is taken daily for 15 days.

Remember that tangerine can help you lose weight as long as it is also the complement of a diet and of physical activity regular. Only in this way will you see results in a few weeks.