Lose weight and fat when drinking coffee

Currently, more than 400 billion cups of coffee   to the  year, so it is a global product that is only surpassed by oil. On September 29, the National Coffee Day in the United States .

According to the University of Georgia , the coffee It has multiple benefits, among which the weightloss Y grease , because caffeine facilitates the use of fat saving the glycogen (reserve of energy in the body) and prolong the time of exercise .

This fruit gives energy, increases the heart rate and it makes you stay alert. It is rich in antioxidants , which allows the body to protect itself from free radicals.

It is also proven that coffee increases physical resistance and delays fatigue . The reason is that caffeine partially blocks the action of adenosine , a substance that is responsible for transmitting the feeling of fatigue to the brain.

The University of Georgia, clarifies that coffee is also optimal to reduce the Muscle pain , especially if it is consumed before doing your sports activity. Experts recommend taking two or three cups of coffee a day.

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