Lorena Rojas dies from liver cancer

The Mexican actress and singer Lorena Rojas He died at age 44, in Miami, after a long battle with cancer.

Rojas, who bravely challenged the disease in different stages since 2008, gave her last breath at home, surrounded by the love of her family, her boyfriend and her closest friends, the firm said in a statement. Latin We .

The actress of soap operas as The body of desire Y To reach a starand his most recent project, the series Criminal insane, was in permanent treatment against breast cancer since it was detected and after a metastasis in another part of his body in 2012.


"I'm very aware of what this disease is ... it's a chronic disease," said the actress last year, whose real name was Seydi Lorena Rojas González .


She achieved her dream of being a mother

Despite her suffering, Rojas achieved one of her dreams, since in 2013 she became a mother by adoption of the small Luciana , who was born in the United States.


"I am very happy, seeing her daughter's face has no comparison with any love in my life," Rojas said in an interview to mark Mother's Day last year.

Lorena Rojas, who was committed to the Spanish businessman Jorge Monge , also shone in the cinema with five films and in the theater with the works Still Hands and Adventurer.

Apart from her numerous protagónicos, the actress managed to fulfill just a few months her great musical dream as a composer and singer with the production Hijos del Sol.

The children's album was inspired by his daughter Luciana, who will now be in the care of his aunt, the actress Mayra Rojas , and of his adoptive father, as Lorena had foreseen, according to Latin We.

The family has asked the media to respect the privacy of their loved ones.

Rojas' fight against the disease led her to be an anti-cancer activist and Hispanic spokesperson for the Livestrong Foundation. Rojas participated in more than 25 telenovelas in Mexico and the United States, among them, The Body of Desire, Broken Hearts, Under the Same Face, The soul has no color, Song of love and Rosary. Also it appeared in tapes like Broken Hearts (2001) Papá single (1995) La quebradita (1994) The sad game of the love (1993) and More than to reach a star (1992).

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